Michael Jackson
August 29th 1958 — July 25th 2009

MIchael Jackson an iconic pop singer, actor, businessman, and philanthropist. He was given the title "King of Pop" by the people due to his vast contributions in the genre of pop. MJ was born on the 29th of August in 1958, and he started his career as a member of the Jackson 5 band, then in 1971 Jackson started his solo career, and by the 1980's Jackson had been a dominant figure in the music industry due to his hard work, his talent, and his creativity.


In 1982, MJ released an album "thriller" that until now is an all time best seller, most of his other albums are among the top best sellers, but this album in particular was a huge hit. Michael Jackson like any of us had his ups and downs, he got into a lot of controversy about him changing his appearance, he had lawsuits against him for child molestation, but he overcame all those allegations and stayed on the top of the music industry.

Jackson Died in June 25th 2009, as a result of a cardiac arrest, while preparing for his comeback concert "this is it" he passed away in his bed before anybody could rescue him. Jackson's public memorial service was viewed all over the world, his death triggered a huge grief wave that hit the whole world.

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